Natural Dream Technology

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Engage your dreams.
  Change your world.

Engage your dreams. Change your world.

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Erin Amundson loves helping people reconnect to their “natural technology” by decoding the language of dreams. She is a depth psychologist who specializes in teaching ambitious people how to identify and remove barriers to success and make friends with their subconscious mind. As the creator/founder of Natural Dream Technology, Erin knows that a uniquely talented visionary lies hidden beneath the surface of your conscious mind, and she wants the world to benefit from your contribution.

After several fights with her own subconscious mind (and a recurring nightmare about skipping classes and failing), Erin finally surrendered to her own inner wisdom and collected a second graduate degree in Counseling at Regis University. A lifelong follower of dreams, Erin now began to learn something about their true power. Just as Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, and Steven Spielberg all discovered for themselves, Erin began to recognize her dreams as one of the most vital sources for guidance in living by unique design. She loves helping her clients reclaim their connection to their own natural technology and discovering its incredible power for themselves.

Erin currently practices as a depth psychotherapist in Denver, Colorado and via the internet around the world. In addition to her dream work, Erin is a certified past life regressionist, an intuitive astrologer, and a lover of travel, snowboarding, deep conversations, and cooking delicious food, all of which she enjoys practicing while she sleeps.

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Want to be a part of the fun, but avoid the traffic? Or not interested in leaving your couch? Good news! You can now dig into your own Natural Technology with the click of a button. Erin is now offering one on one sessions on-line, as well as dream groups.


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A fresh approach to counseling – an upgrade for your life

Self Help Books. Spiritual Retreats. Yoga. Professional Coaching. Counseling. Silent Meditation. Your choices for healing are a dime a dozen these days. What a wonderful world we live in, with so many experts and so many options to help us find our weak spots, develop our strengths and talents, and discover our true selves. We all want to make a mark on the world, and we are willing to invest heavily in all of the resources we need to succeed. But what if I could introduce you to the most powerful resource of all – your own subconscious mind?

Consider that the most powerful resource at our disposal is already within, in the form of the subconscious mind – the storehouse of all of our hidden patterns of sabotage as well as all of our greatest natural gifts and true unique design. When you learn how to speak the language of the subconscious mind through dreams, past life regression, and synchronicity, you tap into the healing, growth and wisdom you need to align with your best self and do your thing in the world as only you can do.

Achieving your deepest healing and your highest potential without consulting your own natural technology is a bit like climbing the Himalayas in flip flops. You might make it, but it’s probably going to cost you in terms of time and pain. The good news is that like a skilled Sherpa, I’ve been doing this for a long time. I’m not going to let you begin the journey without the right equipment, and when you get stuck or lost, I’m here to guide you out and ensure that you find the way. Call me today to set up an intake and get ready for a successful venture of consciousness.

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They used their dreams to change the world.

Now it’s your turn.

They all share a secret:

access to the subconscious.

Centuries pass, and we’re still asking,

“What are dreams for?”

Change your relationship to your dreams.

Tap into your own power.

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