Ready for a New Reality?

Ready for a New Reality?

This week I’m launching my 3 month online class, Engage Your Dreams, Change Your Life.  As I prepare to dive into the dreams of my 5 participants, I’m reflecting on a few things about this work.

Over the summer, as I had the opportunity to travel for almost 3 months while I continued to work, I realized that I have been engaging my dreams and changing my life regularly for at least 10 years.  I suppose it might seem obvious to you that I’m teaching something I really know how to do, but it never occurred to me until recently just how unconscious this process is.  Our lives are going to continue to change whether we are engaged in the process or not.   However, if you commit to engaging your subconscious through dreams and meditation, you’ll have a lot of impact on exactly how those changes look.  I would not be living the life I am today if I hadn’t always known this on some level.

Looking back, I’m living the life that was a daydream desire of mine just a few years ago.  I know from experience that this reality I’ve created for myself COULD still be just a daydream.  In fact, there are a lot of desires I continue to have that remain in daydream status.  And because I’m still wanting and desiring in my life, I spent a lot of time this summer deconstructing the process I’ve used to create what I have so I can have more.  Nothing would bring me more joy now than to teach you this process.  Let me offer you just a taste of what’s involved.

One of the first and most important elements of creating a new reality is to tap into the daydream desires that belong to you.  Not your family members, culture, or institutional expectations, and certainly not the desires you might engage due to a core wounding.  If you do not know how to tell the difference, this course will help.

When you have a clear channel to your desires, you create a life-long flow of energy.  It also becomes easier to allow people and experiences to come and go with a quiet certainty that you are continuously evolving toward a better opportunity, a higher frequency, or perhaps a DEEPER level of learning.  When you feel some agency in the outcome of your life, you no longer have to rely so heavily on the people and circumstances around you to make you happy or keep you feeling okay.

Next, please keep in mind that sometimes you’ll experience healing before manifestation, or purging of old energy before the new arrives.  Unfortunately, as humans we live among concepts like time and matter, and not everything happens instantly.  Our souls are timeless, and as a result we can be impatient.  Please trust me, it’s far better to allow your creation and expansion to happen in the way that’s best for you, which may not be the way you think.

In fact, when things don’t work out as we expect them to, we have the opportunity to course correct, to learn something profound, and to tune into an even stronger desire or dream moving forward.  Sometimes the wisdom that comes with a perceived set back or failure is EXACTLY the thing we need in order to create what we really want.  Manifesting is actually easy, but cleaning our mental and emotional house isn’t always.  It’s okay to go through a bit of struggle as your energy changes to match what you really want.  We often carry around energy of old expectations and our family DNA without even realizing it.  If so, we have to release this to return to our own true desires.

Last, night time dreams are RICH with information about all of the above.  Our dreams show us our true desires, our deepest subconscious wounds or blocks, the path to healing, and a snapshot of what life could be.  Everyone’s night time dream world looks different, and if you are someone who has re-occurring dreams or themes, there’s an important message trying to get your attention.  Learn to decode your dream language, and you will be on the way to changing your life in the direction you want.

This summer, I had a lot of time to reflect in planes, trains and automobiles as I traveled to Norway, all over the Netherlands, the Midwest, Colorado and Belgium. I reviewed my dreams and my current daydream desire of expanding my teaching of this material. As always, I recognized that my night time dreams are communicating important things to me about the following:

What’s in the way of my daydream desire? (addictive/compulsive behavior, negativity, health, vibration) – when I stopped meditating, for example, I was meditating in my dreams. When my eating patterns were off, I was given a nutrition curriculum in my dreams.  When my addictive tendencies started to show up, I found myself in a dream intervention with old friends.

What information do I need to express my daydream desire? (specific education, instruction, content, relationships) – I have had several dreams over the course of the summer involving instructions on how to write a good book, how to give a good interview, and how to identify the warning signals of going unconscious before it becomes a spiral of negativity or self-destructive behavior.

What might life look like when the daydream desire is achieved? These are the dreams I have where I’m in a group retreat or leading a workshop. Over the summer, I actually had a dream that 4 extra people showed up at a workshop I was about to give so we needed extra chairs.  The night before that workshop, I had 4 extra people reach out and sign up.  This not only gives me information, but also “proof” for my logical mind that my subconscious is now capable of working with my daydream desires.  This is the evidence that what I teach works.

Now, dreams are not always this clear cut.  I’ve spent years working in dreams and subconscious to get to the point receiving this level of direction in my dreams.  Your dreams may speak to you in symbolism, metaphor and imagery.  I find most of the fun comes in learning how to explore these less direct story lines and experiencing the “a-ha” moments when a deep insight is revealed.  When you engage this practice of decoding the more mysterious dreams often enough, you become adept at understanding the language of your own subconscious, and dreams become more direct.  We’ll be doing a lot of this throughout the course.

What I know for sure is that engaging my dreams has certainly provided me with a rich life experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  I don’t have everything I want yet, but part of the fun in being alive is to recognize desires, and continue to create the life that follows.  I hope you’ll join in the fun!

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