What Dreams are Made Of

What Dreams are Made Of

It always astonishes me to see how little we know about dreams in these modern times.  The ancients all used their dreams for important information that often saved the tribe.  (This piece on the Achuar of the Amazon is an amazing read).  You’ll hear me refer over and over again to the greats, like Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs or Mary Shelley (of Frankenstein) who all used their dreams to contribute amazing work to our world.  Yet we, the everyday citizen, often discount or misunderstand what’s happening in our minds while we sleep.  There is so much to be gained by paying attention – it makes me crazy!

So, here, I simply want to share some of the opportunities our dreams present us.  Most of us would pay a premium price for these kinds of results – hiring a coach or a therapist, going to a conference, investing in a program – and trust me, I love to do these things.  I just want you to know that you can get the results you’re looking for in the meantime, while you sleep.

Here is what I know dreams do for us:

Dreams will tell us what’s in our way.  This one is perhaps the most important to me, because I value people living their best lives.  I love the benefit I get from the gifts you bring to the world, and if something is stopping you, I want to help you figure out what it is.  When we are being blocked by our subconscious, we are powerless to change – we can’t change what we don’t know.  Our dream images communicate things like hidden insecurity, toxic relationships we aren’t honest about, unconscious beliefs, and outdated patterns or addictions.

Dreams will tell us who we are.  This is the fun part of dreaming that often happens after we’ve identified and moved the other stuff out of the way.  For example, I have had reoccurring dreams about teaching dream work, and I know of writers who have reoccurring dreams about writing.  If we start to pay attention to the themes of what we are doing in our dreams, we can tap into our greatest talents and begin using them to impact the world around us.

Dreams will give us the next step.  If we know who we are and we’ve cleared out a relative amount of emotional clutter from the subconscious, our dreams are ready to present us with action steps.  Last year, I dreamed constantly about a building a new home, packing, and moving.  I was not conscious that I had outgrown my physical environment, and that a literal move would open doors for my creativity, my confidence and my ability to get my work out into the world.  9 months after the move, I can say it changed my life.

Dreams will manifest what we want, once we are in alignment with who we are.  Our subconscious (where we manifest from) doesn’t know the difference between a dream and something actually happening in our lives.  When I decided I wanted to take my work to an international level, I began to meditate on that before bed, and sure I enough my dreams took me there.  A few months after starting to have these dreams regularly, I was teaching a workshop abroad.

Dreams will heal trauma.  I’ve seen many clients resolve decades old traumatic wounds in their sleep. I have countless stories of this – and it always happens much more quickly than any other modality I’ve applied or learned about.  When we are ready to heal, our subconscious will begin to change our story and rewire our brains while we sleep.

Dreams will help us grieve.  Similar to the above, we can process our heavier emotions while we sleep.  This frees up more energy in our waking lives and also supports our ability to move through the most difficult experiences life has to offer – one of them being grief.

Dreams will give us information about relationships. This one can be pretty straight forward.  Our subconscious can usually detect if someone is healthy for us or taking advantage.  One word of caution though, our dreams will also let us know if we have subconscious insecurities to work out.  Being able to go back to the dream and get clarity is key here.

Dreams will offer us a refuge.  Personally, a favorite of mine.  I love dreams where I’m in a magical place and feeling wonderful.  It’s perhaps the best form of relief I’ve found from the often difficult experiences of life.  These dreams also offer us the opportunity to align ourselves to a higher vibration in waking life.

So, if you’re looking for a way to heal, create and improve your life – check out the offerings on the upcoming events page to find out how you can start to learn to navigate the most powerful tool at your disposal.  Can’t wait to tell you more!

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